The food bank operates on Tuesdays from 11-5,
in the WEST dome at
Peggy Adams Animal
Rescue League
located at
3100 N.Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33409.
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   Kibblez of Love is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are dedicated to assisting struggling families located in Palm Beach and Broward counties by feeding their pets, as well as offer referrals for low cost vet care and sponsor spay/neuter surgeries for their pets.

Our goal is to keep your family fur members home with you and out of the shelter.

     We understand the animal to human bond, and believe that it is something that should not be broken or torn apart due to financial set backs.

As the needs of those we assist increase, and the distance between them and Kibblez of Love widens, we found ourSELVES in need.

In immediate and urgent need of a van.

Without a van, our reach is limited. So is our ability to both fulfill our current obligations and expand our services.

WITH a van, we will be the WHEELS for those with no means of transportation.

A van will allow us to assist in pet medical emergencies and to carry more pets to and from spay and neuter procedures.

A van will allow us to pick up and deliver more food and supplies from our generous contributors to our grateful recipients.