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From feeding pets to giving them a second chance at life, WE DO IT ALL. 
Kibblez of Love will assist participants whose pets are spayed and neutered for a period of 7 months. 

We offer low cost vaccinations through Chevy's Fund for puppies and dogs.
Chevy's Fund
    With every fairy tale story comes a fairy tale ending...with loss comes a dream and a mission

     There once was a beautiful princess named Chevy. Chevy had become very sick and her parents were extremely worried about her condition. They brought her to an emergency vet to be treated and the Dr. would not let Chevy in without hundreds of dollars in advance. They searched for a Dr. with compassion as there wasn't hundreds of dollars to give. They found a facility that took Chevy after hours of begging and pleading. Everything was thought to be ok then the facility tested Chevy for Parvo. She tested positive and the world as the family knew it would be turned upside down forever. Chevy had to leave that facility and sadly she would suffer and the family that loved her had to watch her die.

Where there is hope, there are prayers, and sometimes... there are angels...

     The angels that came to save Chevy came late and from afar but they did come. They gave Chevy the chance to stay with us one more day and with her family that adored her. Then the next day the angels said to Chevy, "come with us and we will take you to a place of comfort and happiness, but you have to leave your family behind". Chevy trusted that what they said was real and gave her life to them. 

     Kibblez of Love was a part of this whirlwind of hope, love, and loss. We assisted the angels with the cost and transportation for this family. The funds were dispersed from our founders pockets, not the organization and then we came up with the idea for Chevy's Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide low cost vaccinations to prevent this from ever happening to a beloved pet and their family. Chevy did not receive vaccinations in time, but we can ensure that every pet in our care will. So what was the happy ending you ask? Chevy had a little brother named Alex and although he had his puppy boosters he did test positive for Parvo two weeks later. The disease was caught in time by his pet parents due to seeing the traumatic signs taking place all over again. Alex was cured by the Tamiflu prescription and is living happier and healthier than ever. No pet should ever have to go through this when it is preventable, and this is the reason we launched Chevy's Fund.

     As our mission states: "We are dedicated to the well being of family pets" and with that we feel that more can be done and should be done. This has become a DREAM and a MISSION for us and can not do it without your help. 

Please help us keep pets healthy while their parents get back on their feet financially.